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Our school support products and services provide you with a wide variety of photo-based tools to support and enhance your education efforts.


Quality student and staff portraits for records and publication provided via image CDs to integrate our school day portraits for use with school administrative, lunch & library and yearbook publisher's programs.


 Our photo and data administration discs support all major programs

 Custom exports available upon request

 Yearbook discs for all major yearbook publishers

 Image file with student name or student id number



Premium ID cards to protect the integrity of your school's security


 Choose either custom or contemporary designs

 Available with or without student ID numbers and bar codes

 Bar codes support student ID, library and lunchroom programs

 Prompt delivery in easy to distribute notebook format

 Waterproof and durable-made to last


School Image Software (SIS) that provides:


 On-site printing of ID cards

 Seating charts for classrooms or sorted groups

 Personalized awards and certificates

 Manage data for attendance, discipline, and other issues

 Pocket version for Palm and PC based personal data devices



During the early moments of the disappearance of a child, providing law enforcement authorities with a recent photo of the child is clearly the most important use of our school day photos.  To insure that this picture is instantly available to all parents, we can provide every student photopraphed with two Child Safety ID Cards.



a large selection of service and display prints to build student recognition



  Service Items


both standard ID cards are available in these 8 colors



Contact sheets



custom designed student or staff ID card



half or quarter unit service strips



standard horizontal ID card



mug books



sticker pages



sticker strips



standard vertical ID card



wallets with barcode



CP Photography is a family owned company specializing in senior portraits, school pictures, yearbooks, church directories, sports pictures, and events.  We provide photography needs for schools, churches, and other organizations Winston Salem, Greensboro, and all cities in the Triad area.  We also serve organizations in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.  We strive to provide the best products and services and would love the opportunity to serve as your photographer for your organization.

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